Lets you discover your viewers' favorite Visual Style Preferences before presenting your artwork, making it easier and faster than ever to satisfy your fans.
Introducing a Truly Revolutionary Web App for Stylists
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"Cool test that
shows you what triggers you in people and things."
Tony Robbins

Celebrity coach to 
50 Million people
"Interesting product suited to changing behavior visually."
Nicole Yershon

Ogilvy Innovation Labs
United Kingdom
"Visual Targeting makes design more than a guess."
David M. Scott

Wall Street Journal Marketing Bestseller
"Bypasses the rational. Makes 90% of the consumer decision."
Rory Sutherland

Ogilvy Vice Chairman Advertising Legend
"Incredible tool that assists in driving revenue by giving the clients what they want without them telling you directly."
Bryan Long, EAU Palm Beach Resort & Spa / Kimpton Hotels, IHG
EAU Palm Beach is a Forbes 5 Star, AAA 5 Diamond Island Retreat
What Design Professionals Are All Saying
Market VisualPalette™
Appeal to your audience's Target Markets.
Visual Style Solutions
 What to do, not to do, and what they want to feel.
Favorite Visual Style
VisualPalette™ with all Major Preferences.
Reveal Anyone's Visual Style Preferences
Match their preferences
Match their Visual Style Preferences to maximize the probability of their satisfied approval of presented designs.
Get their unique VisualPalette™
Let your client answer the StyleTest™ before making any designs, and get their unique & personal Visual Style Preference Palette.
Order a VisualPalette™ and receive your own branded professional Visual Style Preference testing link to share with your client.
StyleTest™ your design clients
The Only Way to Rapid Visual Style Approval
Satisfy Anyone's Visual Style Preferences
Reveal what your clients want to see. Discover all their top favorite color hues, shapes, sizes, thicknesses, complexity levels, compositions, symmetry preferences, and much more.
"A very important tool for Interior Designers to ascertain color and pattern preferences that clients are often not able to discern or articulate, while saving time."
Linda Frosolone, Vice President Marketing, Frosolone Interiors
Model Home Merchandising Specialists, Neighborhood Design
Susan Arann, Interior Designer, American and International Designs
American Society of Interior Designers, 2020 Member 
"Getting to client preferences quickly, saves time and money. A tool that facilitates a purchase decision, keeps the project moving while enhancing the customer experience."
"Allows me as a designer to manage clients' expectations,
understand their likes, and hence dislikes, and save a lot of time in the selection and planning of the interior."
American Society of Interior Designers, 2020 Member 
Interior Design Industry Survey, Palm Beach & Beverly Hills
"App with very specific style questions to be completed by a client to enable the designer to zoom in on the correct design interpretation."
American Society of Interior Designers, 2020 Member 
Interior Design Industry Survey, Palm Beach & Beverly Hills
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VisualTargeting® Becomes Ogilvy Partner
The Industry Standard in Visual Style
VisualTargeting® Was Founded in 2007
Adobe Solution Partner